Dear Bro Nation!

Have you ever had any interest in writing or movie punditry in any way? Well if you have and would like to submit anything to be considered for a feature on Bro Knows Movies, then here is how! All that we ask is that you create an original editorial, this piece would preferably not be a review or segmented style post that we feature on this site already (i.e. Trailer Spotlight, Top 5). If selected, your piece will be featured in it’s own spotlighted segment and highlighted for a guaranteed 7 days. Also as a result, there will of course be an author bio where you are free to mention or plug any other work, sites, Twitter, Facebook and any other social media to allow yourself a free promotional outlet. To submit work, or if there are any other inquiries, please contact us at the email below and of course message us on our various social media outlets also listed. Thank you for all the support, and if you are in fact interested, then we look forward to reading your submissions. Keep in mind all submissions will in fact be read and considered and WILL ALL be replied to regardless of acceptance or denial.

Contact Us Here

Email (preferable for submissions):

Twitter: @broknowsmovies

Facebook: Bro Knows Movies

Instagram: @broknowsmovies

Thanks again, Bro Nation!



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