Epic Joker v Joker Battle Pits Dark Knight Joker Against Suicide Squad Joker

Just a fun little video on YouTube that form the series Matchups sponsored by Loot Crate that sees two iterations of the crazy villain the Joker square off in one epic battle royale!

Check out the video below!

Written and directed by Hisonni Johnson, “Joker vs. Joker” sees Noah Schefflin stepping into the role made famous by Ledger, while Jan Flugum goes method for Leto’s metal-grinned mobster. Charlie Starling also plays a surprise role that should be a fun reveal for fans, and folks familiar with DC Comics’ recent runs should also recognize a nice Easter egg at the end of the video.

Johnson recently spoke to THR about the project  and Schefflin’s apprehension to take on the Heath Ledger Joker:

“He was really nervous and didn’t want to do it. How can you do that role justice? I think his goal was to make people remember Heath and be a reminder for how much you enjoyed that role.”

Johnson is hoping to use productions like this as a showcase and stepping stone to bigger things in his young career:

“My only hope is to have the fans look at it and go, ‘Why isn’t this guy working for Warner Bros.? I love Man of Steel. I love Batman v Superman. But critically, they are not performing how the studio needs, and if I can make a Superman fan film or a Joker fan film or anything that connects with the audience you never know. Maybe Warner Bros. will look for that fresh breath.”

Here is hoping that Johnson can parlay this into a shot at bigger productions, because this is awesome and he clearly knows his way around action.


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